Human longevity has evolved remarkably. Early humans faced short life expectancies due to hazards and predation. Agriculture marked progress, enabling stable food sources and population growth. Some ancient individuals lived into their 60s and 70s. The Middle Ages brought challenges like famine and disease, reducing life expectancies. Science and medicine advances during the Renaissance and Enlightenment improved longevity. The Industrial Revolution enhanced living conditions, nutrition, and healthcare access. The 20th century saw significant life expectancy gains due to medical progress and healthier lifestyles. Today, global life expectancy rises, with disparities tied to socioeconomic factors and healthcare access. Ongoing research offers hope for extending lifespan.



  • Society is confronted with a burgeoning challenge in the realm of aging and longevity.

  • The world’s aging population presents an unprecedented need for innovative solutions to address age-related diseases, healthcare costs, and the overall quality of life in our later years.

Aging-Related Health Issues

  • Chronic Diseases: 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition.

  • Rising Healthcare Costs: The global cost of healthcare for older adults is projected to reach $15 trillion by 2050.

  • Decreased Quality of Life: Approximately 1 in 3 older adults experience a decline in their quality of life due to age-related issues.

Global Aging Statistics

  • Aging population on the rise: By 2050, the number of people aged 60+ will double from the current 1 billion to 2 billion.

  • Age-related diseases becoming more prevalent: Alzheimer’s disease cases are expected to triple by 2050.

  • Healthcare systems strained: Aging populations will require an additional 24 million healthcare workers globally by 2030.

Investing in Tomorrow

  • Play a significant part in paving the way towards a future of increased human health and longevity.
  • Enhance the quality of life for aging individuals.
  • Most people are trying to extend their health span. We reject that goal. The goal is to extend the human lifespan, which automatically extends the health span.

The Promise of Longevity Science

  • Belief in science and tech to reshape aging.
  • Support transformative innovations.
  • The birth rate in developed nations is below the replacement rate. Populations are starting to shrink. Our aim, and only option, is to make our aging population young again.


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